This page features liturgies, produced by the Worship and Liturgy Resources Group of the Faith and Order Committee, which have been produced since the Methodist Worship Book was published.

Liturgy for the Blessing of a Marriage previously Solemnized (any two persons) (Pdf) 

Can be used for the blessing of marriages of same-sex couples 


Liturgy for the Reaffirmation of Baptismal Faith (Pdf)

Accepted by Conference in 2015


An additional order for the Baptism of Young Children (Pdf)

Download a Word document version 


A Methodist Love Feast


A Service of Recognition for those authorized as lay people to preside at the Lord’s Supper (Pdf)


District Communion Service (Pdf)

For use at any time when a district wishes to hold a celebration of Holy Communion, such as at a representative session of the synod.


Remembering Our Call: An Annual Service for Local Preachers (Pdf)

Download the PowerPoint presentation (Pptx)


Order for welcome of new District Chair (Pdf)

Chairs of Districts are appointed and stationed by the Methodist Conference. For this reason, this service is regarded as a service of welcome, rather than one of induction.


The Commissioning of Evangelists (Pdf)


The Commissioning of a Pioneer (lay) (Pdf)

Download a Word document version


Welcome of a Pioneer (ordained or probationer) (Pdf)

Download a Word document version


Order for closing a Methodist place of worship (Pdf)