Chaplaincy Everywhere Course

A small group resource for nurturing engagement in God's mission through chaplaincy.

This seven-session course is designed to take a group from being interested in the ministry of chaplaincy to actually planning a chaplaincy ministry and doing it.

The resource is designed to be used in groups of three to eight people. Beginning with the mission of God and ending with the practical details of who is going to do what and where; this material mixes deep reflection, individual and group exercises as well as practical resources to lead you to respond to your local community.

The course also includes resources for a commissioning service for volunteer chaplains.

The course can be downloaded below (all in PDF format) and is available freely to those working in any church or organisation that values chaplaincy.


Session 1  : Caught Up in the Mission of God
Session 2  : As Christ in the World
Session 3  : The Spirit of Chaplaincy
Session 4  : The Cloak of Chaplaincy
Session 5  : What Do Chaplains Do? Bringing It All Together
Session 6  : Chaplaincy in Today's World; a Look At Our Context
Session 7  : What? When? Where? Job Descriptions & Essentials 


A certificate for participants marking the completion of the Chaplaincy Everywhere course is now available

Certificates are provided as completed PDF files ready to be printed signed and distributed.

To order certificates, the course leader should email, giving the names of those to receive certificates, and the date the course finishes. We also require the name and position of the person who is signing to authorise the certificate, such as the Superintendent, minister or course facilitator.

Certificates can be issued for courses completed in the past providing full information is available.



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