Armed Forces route to become a Worship Leader or Local Preacher

If you are in the Armed Forces community (including as a partner of a serving person or as a civil servant) and wish to become a Local Preacher or Worship Leader, there is a dedicated route for you.

If your personal circumstances are suitable then the first and best option is to complete this in your local Methodist circuit. However, if you are worshiping in a Ministry of Defence (MOD) church / at sea / constantly relocating then there is a separate scheme to enable you to become a Local Preacher. The rationale for this route is here.

The Armed Forces route is similar to the regular Worship: Leading and Preaching course and involves the same online training package. The various options for completing the online Worship Leader and Local Preacher course remain open to you, including the intense package which enables you to complete the course in one year.

The Armed Forces route is administered and supported in a different way. You will have a dedicated tutor with experience of the Armed Forces who will provide support wherever you are located in the world. Your mentor could be an Armed Forces Chaplain or someone in your local circuit. The mentor could change as you move around, if needs be. 

If you are interested in becoming a Local Preacher through this scheme please contact the Secretary of the Methodist Forces Board by completing this form. Please note if you use this form your details will be shared with third parties, principally the dedicated tutor. By clicking 'submit' you are consenting to us sharing this data with relevant third parties as required to complete this process. 

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