Anyone can join in the conversations!  You can find a range of tools to help you organise one where you are. 

The Justice Conversation tools are intended to aid deep discussion and engagement on justice.  Facilitators – who know their participants and what will help them to engage – are provided with lots of tools to choose from. Please use and adapt these resources as you see fit.  The different tools are aimed to help structure different Justice Conversations to cover the following:

  • Listening to people who are experiencing/have experienced injustice – you could use the short Walking with Micah film, Speaking from Experience.

  • Grounding the conversation in the Bible and/or our experience of God, asking where is God in this?

  • Reflecting on what a more just, equal and life-giving world looks like, and the next steps that we need to take.

At the end of each Justice Conversation, please help your group to identify up to 3 key responses it wants to make.

Watch a film introducing the Justice Conversations 

Download an mp4 video file of  this video here  

Look at the tools available to support Justice Conversations

Find out about the What do you think postcards available for non-group settings

Frequently Asked Questions about the Walking with Micah Justice Conversations