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3Generate 2021 (29-31 October 2021)

As we start to withdraw from lockdown, planning is now getting under way for 3Generate 2021. We very much hope that this will be able to take place at the NEC in October, however, we are taking a cautious approach to planning and making sure that our plans can be adaptable. We are working with the following three possible scenarios:

Scenario A: Full residential event at the NEC at the end of October as originally planned. This will take into account any Government guidance on attendance numbers and restrictions such as social distancing. The venue has the capacity to manage this type of event, with plenty of space to manage interaction and distancing.

Scenario B: Hybrid event – only groups with a travel time outside a two-hour radius of the event venue will be offered accommodation on-site. They will stay in a socially distanced, well-spaced camping area. Others will be day visitors to the event.

Scenario C: Fully on-line, virtual 3Generate event.

We currently have a number of teams, known as satellite groups and organised around venues we hope to have at the event, helping us to plan programmes for all three scenarios. We are reaching out to children and young people across the Methodist Connexion, to get involved with our planning via these groups, so that they can really influence the final programme.

We expect to make a decision about how 3Generate will look this year in June 2021, however we will keep you updated as things can change rapidly. In the meantime, please book the dates for the weekend in your diary and follow the links to see how you can get involved with the planning.

What is 3Generate?

3Generate aims to create an inclusive and diverse space for the prophetic voice of children and young people to emerge and be heard, enabling them to speak courageously, and listen to God and each other. Through the process of 3Generate, children and young people are equipped to become participants in advocacy, change and growth and have an impact in their local Methodist communities. 3Generate calls the Church to listen to and be in relationship and dialogue with and amongst children and young people, so that change can happen together as a community.

3Generate diversity statement:
3Generate and 3Generate 365 seek to embed diversity and inclusivity throughout the 3Generate process and wider ministry with and amongst children, young people and young adults.  We are committed to equity, equality, respect and inclusion for all children, young people and adults. We all have a role to play, to embed a culture of inclusivity and diversity in all we do and facilitate. 

3Generate 365

3Generate 365 provides opportunities for children and young people to pray, listen, notice, discuss and explore how God may want them to be active as disciples in the world.

We launched 3Generate 365 on the week of 14 September with a series of videos to give you an idea of what 3Generate 365 is really about! To go back and watch these videos, visit our 365 Launch Week page. 

These, alongside webinars and videos about our Youth President and Youth Rep candidates can be watched via 3Generate TV on YouTube.

Find out more about engaging with 3Generate 365 here.

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General enquiries:   3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk

Groups:   3gengroups@methodistchurch.org.uk

Volunteers:  3genvols@methodistchurch.org.uk

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