We will provide administrative assistance, all pre-departure training, overseas mentoring and support and preparation to return with a full debrief. We will also support you once you are home to use your Encounter Worldwide experience to continue God's mission for the Methodist Church in Britain.


Expect a life changing experience.  Working alongside other Christians in God's mission provides a foundation for exchange, enrichment and learning. Partner churches around the world contribute something to the Methodist Church in Britain and Ireland by hosting Encounter Worldwide volunteers.

Keeping in touch with home and sharing with those supporting you is an important part of being an Encounter Worldwide volunteer.  Encounter Worldwide will bring an opportunity to challenge faith, experience a different culture, share skills, make new friends and have fun!
Fundraising and home support

Expect to fundraise and share what God has called you to undertake. As a self funded programme you will need to undertake fundraising as part of preparing to go abroad. Even if you don't necessarily have to fundraise, having an opportunity to share and gain the support of your home church will provide a foundation to the experience while overseas and on your return. Presenting the journey you will be embarking on to your home church, raising awareness of the country, culture and Methodist church overseas will all be important steps in preparing for your Encounter Worldwide experience. Keeping in touch with home while overseas and sharing with those who are supporting you is an important part of being an Encounter Worldwide Volunteer.

Logistical Arrangements

Expect support in making arrangements. We will provide guidance on logistical arrangements in place so that it is as smooth and stress-free as possible!

Pastoral Care 

Expect to be cared and prayed for.  The Global Relationships team will provide you with pastoral support all the way through your journey from your initial enquiry to returning and continuing God's mission. If you have concerns at any point on your Encounter Worldwide journey we will always be there to help you. Once you are overseas you will have a designated mentor both locally and within the Global Relationships team in Britain and Ireland.
Continued Mission

Expect to share and talk about your encounter. Returning home can often be the hardest part of spending time overseas. You will have time and space to reflect and the Global Relationships team will provide a de-brief.  You will extend your encounter in further mission, faith and workshop activities, as well as staying in contact with your overseas partner and other returning volunteers.  Not only will this strengthen your Christian life but also build up the life of the Methodist Church in Britain and Ireland. Continued mission might be in the form of

  • taking part in worship services
  • preaching
  • writing articles
  • giving presentations to small groups
  • contributing at exhibitions and conferences

We may, with permission, use newsletters, blogs and photos of you in our publications. We would also ask you to assist us in promoting Encounter Worldwide with other potential volunteers. 

Current Opportunities

There are currently a variety of possible placements for between 3 and 12 months.  Examples include English teachers at theology colleges, working in youth centres/programmes, providing administrative support, providing agricultural advice or working in a Woman's Centre.  Placements are spread across the world.  You could be placed in Asia, Pacific, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean or Europe.