Mervyn and Claudette Kilpatrick

Revd Mervyn and Claudette Kilpatrick served as mission partners in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka, from 2011 - 2014. Mervyn was a Circuit Minister and Claudette was a Pastoral worker.

Notes on 200th Anniversary Celebrations in the Sri Lankan Methodist Church:

Loving heavenly Father, As we celebrate 200th anniversary of the Sri Lankan Methodist Church, We thank you for the lives and the ministry of Rev. Dr. Thomas Coke, Rev & Mrs. William Ault, Rev. Benjamin Clough, Rev. & Mrs William Harvard, Rev. George Erskine, Rev. Thomas Squance, and Rev. James Lynch, who worked as missionaries pioneering to bring Methodism to Sri Lanka. Thank you for the many blessings you have given Methodist church to grow steadily, strongly and firmly within 200 years in our island despite all the hardships and the unpleasant experiences the church underwent. We thank you for the contribution that was given towards education, Spirituality, the improvement in the Health care sector and the improvement in social services due to the commitment and the vision of our missionaries. We remember and give thanks to you for the lives of martyrs and the many Christian workers who were committed to their ministry within the past 200 years.

This photo shows part of the congregation with Mervyn and Claudette, President and wife of the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka, Lay President and his wife




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