Easter Offering

Easter Offering 2019
Longer tables, lower fences

The EASTER OFFERING 2019 dedication service Longer tables, lower fences, features stories of shared hospitality across the world. The worship encourages us to consider how we might build longer tables, rather than higher fences, as we share whatever we have and connect with our neighbours.

This service provides an opportunity for churches, circuits and districts to gather and celebrate God’s mission activity in the wider world. It includes the dedication of the Easter Offering, all of which goes to the World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church in Britain. Leader’s notes give valuable guidance to assist local organisers in the preparation of the service.

All the service and related materials will be available to download, together with a full PowerPoint presentation containing photos to accompany the stories.

To order your 2019 resources, complete and return the order form (Pdf)


About Easter Offering

Each year, the Methodist Church holds an Easter Offering dedication service. This tradition dates back to 1883, when women in Manchester collected £32 for Missionary work overseas from 'Christmas pennies' at family gatherings on Christmas Day. In March 1884, the London Districts distributed Easter envelopes and collecting bags asking for a penny a head, and collected around £100.  In 1900, Women’s Work raised £1,655 for the work of overseas missions.

Since that time, each successive Methodist women’s movement has encouraged donations in support of God’s mission. In recent years, Methodist Women in Britain have taken responsibility (supported by the Methodist World Church Relationships Team) for producing resources including an annual service of dedication, often used widely around the Connexion as a circuit service.

All the money raised through the Easter Offering goes to the World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church in Britain to be allocated for work in our 65 Partner Churches around the world. This money has been used by overseas partners to fund such work as enabling young women in north India to undertake nurse and midwifery training, and supporting Brazilian women to work in their churches with vulnerable women and children, developing women’s leadership roles and integrating culture and art into worship. By sending out training resources, many thousands of women have been able to participate and develop this work across Brazil.

In 2016, collections from Easter Offering services raised a massive £437,798, thanks to the generosity of Methodist men, women and children. We thank Methodist Women in Britain for running this appeal, and you for making a difference by contributing to God’s mission in this way.


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