Michael and Sheila Holland

Michael and Sheila Holland were moved from Penrith to Lomé, Togo, from 2009 - 2015 to serve as mission partners seconded to L'Eglise Méthodiste du Togo. Michael and Sheila have two daughters, Srijana and Saffron. Michael was a minister and Sheila was a teacher.



The arrival of water was the cause of a great celebration in the village of Vogan... a well and pump have been constructed to provide a much needed source of water to the church and the surrounding community in Vogan. There was great rejoicing when the church opened the pump officially giving praise to God during the visit of the then president of Network, Cumbria Sylvia Hall and her husband Revd Gilbert Hall (Sheila's Parents). The church is now beginning to train some of the women in market gardening using the water to irrigate the land."

Michael Holland