My Justice Journey: how to get involved

The campaign was launched at the Methodist Heritage Conference on Friday May 27 at 1pm and run until Friday 3 June.  Here are some more details to help you to take part.   

What to do

  1. Email Julian Bond at bondj@methodistchurch.org.uk to let us know you’d like to take part in the #MyJusticeJourney campaign.  You will then be assigned a date between 27 May and 3 June – this will be the day on which you will share your contribution to #MyJusticeJourney.

  2. Choose an object which has played a part in your thinking and action surrounding justice.

    If you are writing as an individual, this could be something from your past or present – eg an item that reminds you of a campaign, something that helped you change your mind, or an object which brings to mind an experience of injustice.

    If you are contributing on behalf of a church, an organisation or a heritage site, this object could be something from the history of the institution which says something about your roots in tackling injustice, the experiences of injustice of those who were part of your history, or something that links to your present day activities for justice.

  3. Take a photo of you with the object, or a close up of the object on its own.

  4. Write a short post describing why the object represents your “justice journey”. For example, this could cover:

    What is the object? Say something about it

    How does it represent justice/injustice for you?

    Has it helped you challenge injustice?

    Is there a link to your vision of justice today?

    Ideally this should be in no more than 100 words - NB you might need to tailor your contribution if you will be using Twitter, or write it across several tweets, as there is a character limit not found in Instagram or Facebook.  If you’d like to check your story/photo out in advance, do get in touch with Rachel, Sarah or Mandy below.

  5. To increase the accessibility (and therefore justice) of the campaign please consider adding a “visual description” of your photo to your post. This will allow it to be read by people who … If you’ve not done this before, there are some easy instructions here - https://diversityandability.com/resource/image-descriptions/

  6. Alternatively you could film a short contribution on your phone, telling the story of your object and #MyJusticeJourney. This should be no more than a minute long and in landscape format if possible.

  7. The campaign will be launched on Friday 27 May and will run to Friday 3 June. We hope that the social media posts will be shared across this period (ie not all on the first or last day!).  We are building up a calendar of contributors and you will be notified of “your date” – you can share your post at any point on this day.

  8. On that date, please post your story on social media. You can Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – or possibly all three!  Include the hashtag #MyJusticeJourney and please also tag @MethodistHerit and @MethodistGB
  9. Please email bondj@methodistchurch.org.uk to confirm you have shared your post and on which social media platforms.

  10. Please look for what other people and organisations are posting using the hashtag #MyJusticeJourney, and, if you feel able, share, retweet and comment on posts – this means the campaign reaches more people.

  11. From 20 May the Methodist Church and Methodist Heritage will be sharing social media posts to trail the campaign (but without revealing the hashtag). Encourage others on social media to join in! Do you know people who have a justice journey to share? Please do invite them to join in, share this information with them and invite them to get in touch with Sarah, Mandy or Rachel below. 

  12. From 27 May the Methodist Church and Methodist Heritage will be sharing posts to introduce the campaign – please do share these when you see them: eg “In the next week, Methodists will be joining #WalkingWithMicah and #MethodistHeritage to share objects on social media which speak to them of justice, using the hashtag #MyJusticeJourney. Share a photo or film of a new or old object in your house/church/organisation which speaks to you of justice or injustice. Looking forward to seeing what you share!”


If you need any help or have any question, please do get in touch with one of us.  If you don’t have your own social media account, we can also arrange for your picture and post to be shared.

Thank you for taking part in this project. We’re hoping that it will be a good way to encourage social media users to think about justice and what it means in the Methodist Church and beyond.


Rachel Lampard – Walking with Micah project – Lampardr@methodistchurch.org.uk

Sarah Hollingdale – Methodist Heritage Officer – hollingdales@methodistchurch.org.uk

Mandy Briggs – John Wesley’s New Room, Bristol - education@newroombristol.org.uk